Offering Durable Containers and Trailers in the Bahamas

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Here at Tropical Trailer Leasing, we value our Caribbean clients in the Bahamas. That’s why we offer such prompt and affordable service for anyone in any industry, such as manufacturing, construction, shipping, trucking and utilities. If you need to rent, lease or purchase a storage trailer or container anywhere in the Bahamas, Tropical Trailer Leasing should be your first destination.

We have been in this business for more than 50 years and are headquartered in Miami FL for your convenience. This close proximity allows us to best address your unique needs in this beautiful island known for its tourism and offshore finance. Over our last 50 years in business, we have become very familiar with the Bahamas and all it has to offer, proud to serve many clients here with their storage container, trailer and chassis needs.

Our Bahamas Offerings

Since 1969, we have been connecting our customers with the highest quality products at competitive prices. Following is a list of what we sell, rent or lease to customers in the Bahamas:

  • Storage trailers: All our new and used storage trailers are individually tagged and FHWA inspected, resulting in the best possible solutions for your portable on-demand storage needs as an industrial or commercial customer.
  • Storage containers: Our container units cater to many industries, including shipping, construction, schools, warehouses, trucking, retail, landscaping, utilities, and manufacturing. Whether you need to buy new or used, or rent, lease or buy from us, we have you covered.
  • Chassis: To efficiently transport containers, we sell, rent and lease intermodal chassis for use in many industries, whether you need one unit or multiple units. Available individually or by the stack.

Our team brings an experienced, vast knowledge of this island, resulting in a unique perspective on equipment, delivery and service needs throughout your region. We make it easy to return your rental or lease unit, too. Just let us know when you’re done with it and our team will come by to pick it up.

We Value Our Clients

We are lucky to serve hundreds of customers in the Bahamas, including government agencies, public companies, small and local businesses, and individuals. We give you a higher value for your money as compared with our competitors, priding ourselves on our dependable service and quality. With attention to detail in every transaction, we offer lower price points thanks to our ability to obtain units from various sources.

Serving the needs of customers in the Bahamas who require the highest quality storage and transportation equipment, we are your go-to professionals who can expertly manage your trailers, containers and chassis. This diversification of selling, renting, and leasing both new and used equipment means we can deliver on promises of quality products faster and easier.

Contact Tropical Trailer Leasing in the Bahamas

To get a free quote on our storage trailers and containers in the Bahamas, contact us today right here in the Bahamas at 305-526-4369.