Tropical Trailer leasing

Providing Trailers, Containers, and Chassis With Same Day Delivery
in South Florida Since 1969


    Why Choose Tropical Trailer Leasing

    Our mission is to provide personal service and prompt replies to our customer’s needs by using our local knowledge and unique national and international resources to provide the best equipment at the best prices. For us, it’s about service and value.

    Tropical Trailer Leasing was formed in 1969 to serve the needs of customers in South Florida requiring storage and transportation equipment. As we close in on our 50th anniversary, we continue to fill those needs. Tropical Trailer Leasing manages trailers, containers and chassis for various equipment asset owners. This diversification of selling, renting, and leasing both new and used equipment allows us to serve the unique needs of each customer. Our hundreds of customers include government agencies, public companies, small and local businesses, and individuals. We pride ourselves on service and quality. Our unique ability to acquire units from various sources allows us to lower acquisition costs and has allowed us to deliver a better value to our customers.

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    • Top rated customer service
    • Same day local delivery
    • Friendly & knowledgeable
    • Locally owned and operated
    • Competitive prices
    • Serving all sectors

    Serving all of South Florida for over 50 years

    Although we lease various types of equipment throughout the country, our local knowledge provides the best possible service for rental, leasing, and sales in the South Florida area.

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    We are proud to service the needs of the following areas:
    • Miami-Dade County
    • Broward County
    • Naples
    • South and Central America
    • The Caribbean

    Who We Work With

    Over the years we have gained experience with virtually every type of industry from home owners to Fortune 500 companies and government institutions.


    • Sub-Contractors
    • Plumbers
    • Electricians
    • Painters
    • Residential remodeling

    Trucking Companies

    • Local delivery
    • Port Trucking
    • Freight Forwarding
    • Railroad Trucking
    • Shipping Lines

    Government Agencies

    • Temporary and long term storage
    • Hurricane Supplies


    • Temporary Construction
    • Off Season Maintenance
    • Remodeling


    • Temporary Storage
    • Store and Relocate
    • Local Deliveries


    • Seasonal Inventory
    • Overstock
    • Advertised Sale
    • Remodeling

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