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  • If you require the container at the cargo destination, you may wish to purchase a container.
  • If you do not require a container at the destination, contact a freight forwarder or shipping line to get your cargo moved.

Whether you are buying a container from us or using a shipping line container, we recommend you contact a freight forwarder to handle the complicated documents and processes involved in shipping and receiving the cargo. Additionally, they will arrange to send a chassis to our yard onto which we will load the container.  The Freight Forwarded will deliver the container on the chassis to the place of loading then eventually to the port.  Below are some recommendations on who can help you with shipping.

Tropical Trailer Leasing LLC can provide 20’ and 40’ shipping containers for individuals who want to keep the container for storage at the destination.

We can also provide certification of the container which is required for any container being exported.  We will complete the certification paperwork and attach a sticker to the CSC on the container showing the inspection is valid for one year.

When ready to export, you are invited to our yard to select the container.

We bill sales tax on all export sales, but this will be refunded when we receive the export bill of lading.

Helpful Links:

Freight Forwarders:

Miami International Freight Solutions
14100 NW 60th Avenue
Miami Lakes, FL 33014
P: (305) 685-0035



Ft. Lauderdale

Palm Beach

Container Shipping Lines Directory:

Shipping Lines

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Do You Need a CSC Survey?

If you are shipping the container, it needs a CSC Survey.

In 1972 the International Maritime Organization together with other entities established the International Convention for Safe Containers (CSC).  It calls for containers to have a plate stating dimensions, date of manufacture, stacking capabilities etc.

A trained inspector confirms that the container is up to the standards required for shipping and provides an inspection certificate for the container.

Tropical Trailer charges $100.00 for the survey and we only survey equipment we sell. Please let us know if you need the survey.

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