About Tropical Trailer Leasing in South Florida

Here at Tropical Trailer we say, “If you need it now, call us!” We make local decisions on credit and we operate our business where we live. Although we conduct business in many places outside of South Florida we are your South Florida Specialist.

Since 1969

tropical trailer leasing miami floridaTropical Trailer Leasing was formed in 1969 to serve the needs of customers in South Florida requiring storage and transportation equipment. As we close in on the 50th anniversary we continue to fill those needs. Tropical Trailer Leasing manages trailers, containers and chassis for various equipment asset owners. This diversification of selling, renting, and leasing both new and used equipment allows us to serve the unique needs of each customer.

Our hundreds of customers include government agencies, public companies, small and local businesses, and individuals. We pride ourselves on service and quality. Our unique ability to acquire units from various sources allows us to lower acquisition costs and has allowed us to deliver a better value to our customers.

Why pick Tropical Trailer Leasing?

Our mission is to provide personal service and prompt attention to all of our customer’s needs.  We do this by using our local knowledge and unique resources to provide the best equipment at the best prices. For us, it’s about service and value.