General Questions

Why Choose Us?
  • Local knowledge, service and employees. We have been serving South Florida since 1969
  • The highest quality equipment available from new to used.
  • Fast Service, we can deliver the same day you call us and pick up the same day you request.
  • Best Prices.
  • True monthly billing with prorated daily rates.
  • We provide trailers, containers and chassis allowing us to offer the best solution for your needs.
How quickly can I get the equipment?

We can move as quickly as you need, we have a large fleet of independently operated trucking companies on call which can deliver the same day.

Can I pick up the equipment myself?

Yes Call us for details. – 305-885-6047

What equipment best serves your needs?


  • Ground level storage high security steel shipping containers.
  • Excellent for Construction, remodeling and temporary on-site storage.


  • Dock high easily relocated to another location.
  • Excellent for additional warehouse space and industrial needs.
  • Appropriate for local delivery and relocation.


  • For the intermodal industry.

Call us to discuss your specific needs – 305-885-6047

What if I want to return the equipment prior to the minimum rental term?

We can remove the equipment before the end of the term, however, the final invoice will include the additional days to meet the minimum term.

Are the contents insured?

Since we cannot place a value on the contents of the unit we cannot offer insurance. It is less expensive for you to discuss this with your insurance company which may already cover the contents while the unit is on your property.


How is the container delivered?

We deliver with tilt flatbeds.  The truck backs into position. The flatbed is tilted and the truck drives forward and the container slips off the flatbed.

How much space do I need for you to deliver a container?

During the unloading process, the truck needs to go forward. We need about 70 feet temporarily in a straight line to deliver a 20’ container so the truck can drive away. We need about 120 feet temporarily in a straight line to deliver a 40’ container so the truck can drive away.

What direction should doors be placed on truck?

Prior to delivery you will be asked how to load the container on the truck.

“Doors to Cab” means the doors of the container will be facing the driver’s cabin. The driver backs into position, tilts the flatbed, and drives forward. The doors will be the last thing off the truck.

“Doors to Rear” means the doors of the container will be facing the back of the truck. The driver backs into position, tilts the flatbed, and drives forward.  The doors will be the first thing coming off the truck.

What should I do when the container is delivered?

You need to direct the driver where the container is to be placed. When the container is in position open both doors to insure they can be opened and closed without much difficulty.   If there is a problem with the doors, it is generally because the container is not level.   While the truck is on site it can assist in getting the container level.  The container rests on the 4 corners.

Will you be able to move my container in the future?

We can only move empty containers.  When lifting, the container is on a 45 degree angle and anything inside would shift if the container had contents. If the shifting of contents is not an issue and the contents are not heavy, the container can be relocated.

What if I want to purchase a container now and ship it overseas next year

We do not recommend doing this for two reasons:

  • Containers being exported require certification which we can do at a reasonable price prior to the container being picked up. Certification is valid for one year. If the year expires the container will need to be certified again. You will need to hire a costly surveyor to come to your site to do the survey.   He may need to inspect the cross members under the container which could require the rental of a crane to lift the container.
  • When we deliver containers for domestic storage, they are placed on the ground. We cannot lift loaded containers so you would have to hire a crane to lift the container on to a chassis when you are ready to export.


What can I do to protect a trailer from being moved by an unauthorized person?

We rent and sell pin locks. A pin lock wraps around the king pin under the trailer. The pin lock makes the king pin too thick to fit in the 5th wheel of a tractor.

Will you be able to move my trailer in the future?

All our trailers are FHWA inspected before delivered to you and individually tagged. We can arrange trucking to fit your needs.

Is the Trailer Dock Height?



Do you sell chassis?

Yes we sell used and are authorized dealers for new equipment.

What lease terms do you offer?

We can provide chassis for a limited time to multi-year leases.

Do you lease new and used chassis?

Yes we offer both.