Here at Tropical Trailer, we are all about customer service, honesty and transparency. We want you to feel comfortable throughout the whole process, which is why we welcome your comments and questions. We get a lot of questions from our customers and prospective customers are our products and services, so we thought it would be helpful to include this list of FAQs.

I already have a container. Can you move it for me?

Unfortunately, no we cannot provide this service at this time. We do not move containers that we did not sell or rent to you. However, should you need an existing container moved, you should work with a local heavy haul company or heavy duty wrecking/towing company.

Can I look at the shipping container before I buy it?

Yes. We want you to feel completely comfortable with your choice. You can view our shipping containers at our facility in Miami. In fact, we strongly recommend that you see them first.

Can I choose a color?

Occasionally, we have options; however, we believe that condition should be your most important consideration when choosing a shipping container. If you are ordering multiple units, we can usually guarantee matching color units. As with all our used containers, we recommend pressure washing and painting them after delivery.

I need to export my container. Can you help with that?

No, we do not handle export, but can work with your shipper and/or freight forwarder as needed. Please see our export link with recommendations.

Do you move loaded containers?

No, we do not. But if you need moving services, we suggest calling a company like PODS.

Can I pick up the container myself?

Yes, if you have the proper equipment and have a licensed and insured driver — preferably sent by the shipping company if it’s for export.

Do you require a credit card?

For renting equipment, yes we require a credit card unless our credit department authorizes invoicing to a company. If you are an individual, we require a credit card. For purchasing equipment, we prefer payment by check or ACH to avoid billing a three percent processing fee.

What is a certification for export?

Please see our export page for more information.

How much room is needed at delivery?

Please call us for the exact requirements. In general, we need 40 feet of additional space for tilt-bed trucks, and 60 feet of extra space for roll-off trucks.

Do you offer financing or rent to own?

No, we do not.

Is there sales tax on the purchase of a shipping container?

Yes, we must charge sales tax. If you export the container and you provide us with a bill of lading in a timely manner, we will refund the sales tax.

I can’t open and close the container doors easily. What is going on?

When the container is delivered, make sure it is on level ground. We recommend you open BOTH doors while the driver is on site. If the frame is not level, the doors may be difficult to open and close. We have also seen this happen if the container is loaded and becomes uneven due to ground issues. If our driver is still on site, he or she may be able to shift the container to make it level.

Do you sell refrigerated units (reefers)?

Yes, we do, but in limited supply. We recommend you call us first so we can let you know what’s in our inventory at that point in time.

Do shipping containers have titles?

No, they do not.

Why do 20-foot containers sometimes cost more than 40-foot containers?

The cost is based on supply and demand. In general, 40-foot containers are a much more common size than 20-foot containers. The containers that move the most cargo are the most widely used, which makes 40s (standard and high cube) the most common used container length and the less expensive option per square foot than the 20s.

I don’t see my question answered here. What do I do?

If you don’t see your question listed here, we encourage you to email or call our office at 305-574-9143. We would be happy to answer your questions! We are open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and are located at 9475 NW 89th Ave. in Miami, FL.

What type of surface should the containers be delivered on?

Typically, the best surfaces are hard surfaces such as concrete. We can deliver on other surfaces, however certain surfaces such as dirt or sand risk our driver getting stuck when attempting to deliver or pick up.


Please refer to our Delivery page for more information.