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New and Used Shipping Containers

buy new or used storage containers in florida

Trailers offer the flexibility of storage and transportation. Overstocked warehouses can easily be loaded onto our dock height movable storage units. The quality of our trailer fleet far exceeds our competitors, yet with our efficient operations, we are able to offer very competitive pricing. Portable on-demand storage for the industrial and commercial customer.

All our trailers are individually tagged and FHWA inspected.

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  • Cost Effective

    Compared to other forms of self-storage and temporary warehouse space, on-site storage is consistently cheaper.

  • Convenient

    Have the storage space come to you instead of taking your things to the storage space. Your stored items are readily available for access. When it’s ready to move our fully licensed units move your stored contents to the next location for off-loading or storage.

  • Very Easy

    We can set you up over the phone: call us by 12:00 have it by 5:00 – without leaving your location!

Call 305-885-6047 (M-F 8AM – 5PM) Or use our Quote Request Form