Make Sure the site for the Container is ready for our delivery and pickups.

  • Space for the delivery truck to enter and leave. Please review the drawing below for an estimate required access for the truck to enter and leave after dropping the container.
  • Clear the space. The driver will not risk any damage to the very expensive delivery trailer if there are hazards in the way of the delivery or obstacles that could be damaged.
  • The delivery truck and container are very heavy. The location must be a hard surface where the delivery vehicle will not get stuck.
  • Space to maneuver. The delivery truck makes wider turns than a car does. The access is temporary and can be a driveway which will be temporarily blocked.
  • Someone to accept the delivery. Someone will need to be on site to accept the container and verify that has been placed in the desired location. If the driver needs to return to reposition the container there will be an additional delivery charge.
  • When a container is being picked up, please make sure it is empty with full access. If a pickup is scheduled and the container cannot be accessed or is still loaded the driver will leave and there will be another delivery charge assessed.

The delivery drivers are experienced professionals. If they believe there is a risk to equipment or property at the site, they can refuse delivery or pick up and there will be a charge. They will make every effort to meet your requests. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office.