4 Uses For Shipping Container Offices

The landscape of employment is evolving day after day, especially after a year in which the whole work-life balance was thrown into chaos. With more people working from home, it puts on the pressure to find a creative and alternative way to blend the office into the house. Shipping containers offer a low-cost, unique and […]


Everything You Need to Know About Container Chassis

Container chassis are available in a variety of types, but the one you choose will depend heavily on your needs, budget and shipping requirements. Such chassis can accommodate many different weight loads, as well as container sizes and types (including specialized containers). The chassis plays an important role, as it connects and carries the weight […]


Questions to Ask Before Buying a Storage Trailer

When in the market for an enclosed cargo storage trailer, there are a few questions you should ask yourself before you commit to anything. What do I intend to haul with my trailer? The purpose of your trailer, whether for simple storage or transport of goods for your business, will determine the type of trailer […]


Storage Container Sizes: How to Choose?

If you’re thinking of leasing, buying or renting a storage container for personal or business use, your first thought may be: what size should I get? Your answer will depend on whether you need the container for custom use or on-site storage, what you need to store in the container, and how much space you […]


Storage Container vs. Storage Shed: Which One is Best?

If you’ve got a lot of stuff that you don’t use every day but still need access to on a regular basis, your first thought may go to a backyard storage shed. However, you may want to consider a storage container instead. Backyard storage sheds are typically made of vinyl or wood. But a new […]