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4 Uses For Shipping Container Offices

April 3, 2021

The landscape of employment is evolving day after day, especially after a year in which the whole work-life balance was thrown into chaos. With more people working from home, it puts on the pressure to find a creative and alternative way to blend the office into the house. Shipping containers offer a low-cost, unique and convenient solution to the work from home dilemma.

Here are four creative uses of shipping containers as offices.

1.  Backyard Office

Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean that you should be thrust into the middle of the household. This isn’t a very productive way to get work done. You need some kind of separation between work and life so you can strike a fair balance. A backyard office is a practical way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the main household while still being close by if you are needed. Consider adding large windows for plenty of natural light so you don’t feel as closed off.

2.  Art Studio

If you’re an artist, you know how valuable open space and peace are. You need a separate spot to create your works of art, as well as store your paintings and supplies. Getting the creative juices flowing is easy when you convert a shipping container into a backyard art studio. You can even add HVAC, plumbing and electricity for extra lighting, sinks for washing, or even a closed-off area to act as a dark room if you’re a photographer. Whatever your passion is — paint, photography, sculpture – a shipping container would be the perfect solution to making it happen on your own terms.

3.  Workshops

Workshops need their own contained, separate space. Perhaps you’re a handy man or wood worker and want a space to hang your tools and supplies while working on the latest project. Or maybe you’re a writer who needs peace and quiet to bang out the next great American novel. Whatever the case, a converted shipping container is a workable solution. Why rent out an expensive office or warehouse space when you can just convert a storage container to serve as a backyard workshop space? Then you can customize it to your liking so it’s as comfortable and productive as possible. Consider adding plenty of shelving and storage space to make things even more accessible.

4.  Medical or Testing Sites

The pandemic has given rise to the need for temporary testing or vaccination sites. Many hospitals and doctor’s offices set up these portable centers in their parking lots so as not to bring possibly infected persons into the main facility. As the need for testing and vaccination starts to ramp up, more spaces are necessary to provide a quick, safe and secure temporary location. There’s no time to waste on timely construction. It’s much easier and faster to convert a shipping container into a popup site. And as the need for these centers decreases in the coming months and years, they can easily be dismantled and taken away.

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