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Common Misconceptions About Shipping Container Conversions

20 Foot shipping and storage container

June 1, 2021

Many people have common questions when doing their homework on shipping containers. There are also a lot of misconceptions out there when it comes to shipping container conversion projects. Here are the ones we hear the most often here at Tropical Trailer:

It’s easy and cheap to build with containers.

You may have heard how cheap it is to convert a home or pop-up stand out of shipping containers. You may have also heard that anyone can do it. This isn’t quite true. Sure, it’s cheaper to build with containers than it is to build from the ground up with new construction. However, not just anybody can construct something out of a shipping container. Those containers were not originally designed to be placed end to end or one on top of the other. They also weren’t built to have their sides cut out and appendages put on. This takes the attention and expertise of a structural engineer, contractor or other professional.

Every container is the same.

Certainly not. There’s a variety of sizes and heights when it comes to containers, but most are 20 or 40 feet, with the most common height being 8’6”. That said, you could also choose a 9’6” high cube container. The quality of each kind of container is different also. Most are made of Corten steel, but there are other materials that are used in the construction of storage containers. That’s why it’s important to fully research what you’re paying for and ensuring you are getting the highest quality material for the price.

Shipping containers get hot in the sun.

Not so. If your container is fabricated and insulated, it will actually become more energy efficient than your standard structure. You won’t believe how cool these units are even when baking in the hot sun. You’ll stay cool, calm and collected no matter what.

Shipping container structures don’t pass building inspections.

Not so. When fabricated and converted properly, according to code, it should pass a building inspection no problem, when it comes to wiring and plumbing and much more. It’s like any other building when constructed well, and should be approved by any inspector.

Containers will rust over time.

Shipping containers are constructed of non-corrosive steel known as Corten steel, and can subsequently withstand harsh weather and elements, including wind, humidity, and water. With these proper materials, your container should not rust. Of course, you have to provide the proper maintenance as well. If you don’t maintain the unit, and keep it out of moist and humid conditions, it may develop rust spots.

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