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Questions to Ask Before Buying a Storage Trailer

20 Foot shipping container on triaxle chassis

February 3, 2021

When in the market for an enclosed cargo storage trailer, there are a few questions you should ask yourself before you commit to anything.

What do I intend to haul with my trailer?

The purpose of your trailer, whether for simple storage or transport of goods for your business, will determine the type of trailer you purchase. This will not only determine the size of the unit you choose, but the add-ons you will need as well, such as temperature controls or shelving.

What do I plan to hook the trailer up to?

Take into consideration the weight of your vehicle, hitch size, towing capacity, and more.

What kind of roof do I need?

The type of roof you get is important, but it will depend on the climate of your location as well as your destination. In snowy climates, for example, a rounded roof would be better instead of a flat top, which can accumulate snow and debris and put weight on the roof.

What distance do I plan to travel with my trailer?

Distance is important as well. If traveling a great distance, you will want mounted spare tires, door back latch and LED taillights for safety.

What laws are involved when traveling across state lines?

Always plan ahead if you are taking the storage trailer into different states. Check with the local Departments of Motor Services for current regulations and advisories. Remember, these laws tend to change frequently, so do this before every trip.

Should I Go With Aluminum or Steel?

Aluminum trailers are lighter but usually more expensive; conversely, steel is more affordable but heavier. Aluminum trailers will have a higher resale value. Both need regular maintenance to ensure a long lifespan.

Do I Want a Ramp Gate or Barn Doors?

If you plan to haul something that will be driven, such as a motorcycle or snowmobile, you will want a ramp. If you plan to haul inventory that you want to sell at a flea market, for example, barn doors would give you a bit more interior space.

What’s My Budget?

This will drive your decision in which type of storage trailer you will need. Keep your budget in mind at all times before committing. But even more important than price is choosing a trailer that adequately meets your business or personal needs.

Do I Need Custom Sizes or Features?

Most trailer providers offer customizations for their units that are personalized to the client’s needs. There is no one-size-fits-all. Perhaps you need extra shelving or ventilation systems. Whatever it is, make sure the provider can accommodate your needs.

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